Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Everybody work now!

So as you faithful readers know, I raced on Sun. I rearranged this week to do my tempo on thurs and my general aerobic run today so I wasn't having to hard days close together. Today was an 11 mile run. I spent all of yesterday at the Westminster dog show (really, it's just like Best in Show). I stood on my feet for far too long waiting to see the Border Terriers. It's no secret, if I were a dog, I would be a border. I wanted to see them close up. Man, standing in one place is a killer. 
Anyway, it was a long long day. I was tired. I figured I'd phone it in on the run today.
Low and behold, 11 miles in my rolling Central Park at 9:04 pace. For being tired, I felt really good!
Let's hope I feel that way for my tempo run on Thurs. Ok, back to the dogs!

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