Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I fall to pieces.

This morning, I got up much earlier than I usually do to get my NYRR volunteer race outa the way, the Empire State Building Run up. I've never had any desire to do this race, which is running up like 86 flights of steps. Volunteering for it didn't make me want to do it either. I pretty much sat around with pal/new running pal Rachel all morning. We got to give out the age group awards, so that was cool. Really though, I think I would have rather stayed in bed. Oh well. At least it's early in the year and I have that outa the way. The bad things is, I just haven't had enough sleep lately. 
When I got home, I ate, did some work, and managed to take a 90 minute nap. 
Even though this is a cutback week, I still planned on going to the track. I misread my workout for the night. I thought I was doing 1000 repeats, but no, I was doing mile repeats. 5 of them, on paper anyway. They were to be run the first 1200 at half marathon pace, the last 400 faster.
About half way through my first 1600, a pack of guys pasted me. It's a 200m track so it can get crowded. The rules of the track are posted and repeated via mic all the time. Lane 1 is for race walking only, so it's pretty much always empty. 2/3 is for people running SLOWER than 32 seconds per 200, so that's where I run. Always. 4/6 is for faster than 32 seconds and lane 6 is closed. So this pack comes by me and the lead guys says "you're too slow" and I tell him to kiss my ass. The 2nd guy turns to me and says sorry. Then the LAST guy, holding on to the pack for dear life says to me "you're too slow to be in this lane". I was like??? WTF? Is this your first time here, cause I know I'm in the right place. They were running 34s. I really wanted to just tell them to get a little faster if they wanted to run in the faster lane. I was not in the mood for this douch nozzle behavior by a buncha guys who dont  know the rules of the track. I dont care how fast they are.
Anyway, back to me.
My first one was ok, 7:25. I thought that was a nice start. 
Then I did a 7:24, 7:22. I was pooped. This was taking a lot more out of me then I wanted it too. Before I even started my 4th one, I sorta figured it would be my last one. This was just feeling too hard. That doesn't sound right. I didn't feel like doing 5 would be beneficial. 
I was right.
Number 4 was a 7:39. I had slowed down considerably (though still within McMillan's range). So that was it. Done and done. That was enough. And I am SOOOOO ok with that. Since it's a cutback week and I wanna run the Bronx well on Sunday, I'm fine with that. The rest of the week will be easy miles which I'm looking forward to.


Girl In Motion said...

You win huge accolades from me for doing 4xmile. I've never even done 5 and hope to keep it that way. :-) What assholes those guys were, glad you told the one to kiss your ass.

DogPound said...

5 just seems like too much. I can't believe how mad those guys made me. Then I told my friend Chris and he got pissed, he was like, WHO WAS IT?!?!?! Like he was gotta put down a beating.

L.A. Runner said...

QOTD: Why are men such idiots?