Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sleep tonight

Again. With the not enough sleep. At least blogging about my runs is showing me this habit that I need to get out of. Loren's also been sick and I feel like I've been fighting it. I've shuffled my runs around this week and next week to best accommodate races, hard work outs, and long runs so I'm not doing them too close to each other.
I moved my 18 miler to today instead of tomorrow because I want to do my 20 during the week next week so I can race the Cherry Tree 10 miler on Sunday, or it least to it as my tempoish run for the week.
I managed to get myself up and out the door around 8:15. I did a bit over 4 before meeting my running partners for the day, Hilary, Rachel, and Claudia. They were doing 10 but it was great to have the company esp. when I'm not feeling 100% and was going long. The temps also found their way below freezing again. While I had some tough going in the middle miles, I rallied at the end and finished strong with some sub 9s. I'm really happy to have this one in the books.

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Girl In Motion said...

Hey girl! Somehow I missed that you did 18 yesterday! Sounds like a strong run despite your poopedness (and yes, you need to take care of that, lack of sleep makes such a difference on how I feel on my runs). And look at you, with yet another race! No wonder you won Long Distance Racer of the Year, you're utterly addicted. ;-)