Thursday, November 19, 2009

Time up and time out

Yes, folks, the day you've all been waiting for is finally here. I know all of you have been on the edge of your chairs.
I ran.
Yes, you heard me right! I whole 2.1 miles! Slow and easy, a nice 9:30 pace. We won't talk about my heart rate. It was pain free. I'd feel a hint of soreness, but I'm totally paranoid about it. I think the test will be if it's sore in the next few hours. I've already stretched and I'm icing as I speak. So now nice and easy and hopefully I'm on the right track.

And now on to some other news. As many of you know (and many of you do too) I spend a lot of time on the Runner's World forum. We have a nice band of ladies all with the goal of BQing and most of have reached it. It's been an unbelievable support and source of info, training buddies, racing pals, and couches to sleep on. Last year, one of our girls got attacked while running, something should never ever happen to anyone. This week, that piece of trash got sentenced to SIXTY YEARS in prison, and I hope he serves every minute of it. Just a reminder to be safe out there, esp. in these colder months when there are less people out and less light.

Many of these same girls are traveling to Philly this weekend for the Philly marathon/half marathon. This will be a meeting of epic proportions, so if you are within 150 mile radius of Philly and hear shrieking laughter, it's us. Also a shout out to me home team who's making the trip down there. Remember, dont go out to fast, check your baggage with your baggage, and run your asses off.


Girl In Motion said...

WOOHOO!!!! THE DOG, SHE IS BACK!! So happy for you girl, I'm all grins on your account. We'll be having some hooting and hollerin' this weekend for your foot, Mir's outcome and a meeting of the BQ Babes. Can't Wait!!

L.A. Runner said...

Alright! I'm so glad you are back in the saddle. Just be smart and return SLOWLY, okay? Have a super time this weekend. I'm soooo jealous.

jesslover said...

Holy crap Audra that is so scary but I am so glad he got an exceptional sentence.

Are you in Philly? I just ran the marathon. Holy hardest thing I have ever done in my life!

DogPound said...

Jess, you ran philly? oh I wish I had known!

jesslover said...

I did! I ran it as a 33 y/o male since it had sold out and I had to buy a bib off of CL but it was a great course!

I will even post a race report on my blog once I get the photos from my pal.

DogPound said...

oh damn I wish I knew you were there you naughty naughty bandit.