Monday, November 9, 2009

put the needle on the record

I do believe I am now on the longest running break I've had in years. It's over the 2 week mark with over a week to go. I only have short burst of going insane. I fully admit to obsessing over my foot and every thing that may or may not be an ache or a pain or the ghost of either or. Really, it doesn't hurt. When I do feel something there, I think it's the spot from the shot. Because, ya know, there was a needle in the bottom of my foot.
So now we wait. And as we wait, we plan for 2010.
As everyone knows, I'm running Boston in April.
Other things I'm doing for thinking about doing are:
Mt Washington Road Race (hey only 1 hill!) This has a lottery, so we'll have to see.
Timberman, which is a half ironman. That's in August. I've done this race once before and really liked it. Loren's also doing it, it'll be here first half. Rumor has it my pal Chris is also doing it.
I want to do some short distance tris as well. I also want to do some half marathons. Last year, I did 3 of the NYC races, Manhattan, The Bronx, and Brooklyn. I most likely will do those again. Maybe the Philly distance run. I'd really like to break 1:40 in the half.
As far as fall marathon, Im not sure. I have a spot in NYC. We'll see. I have tons of time to plan for that.
Anyway, still alive over here on my couch.


Girl In Motion said...

Wow, impressive line up for sure. You're not taking the easy route with your races and I totally am impressed with that. Yay on Loren doing the HIM, too! And pfffft, break 1:40? 2010 will see you doing that in a heartbeat.

Say hi to the couch for me.

Elizabeth said...

Just wanted to give you some sympathy hugs for this. Having JUST gone through something very similar I know how much it sucks. But eventually you will be "back on your feet" and setting PRs left and right.

DogPound said...

thanks. I'm really hoping this does the trick!

L.A. Runner said...

"short bursts of insanity" HAha! I would have one long burst of constant insanity. Way to hang tough, girl! I hope you're still riding the bike!

DogPound said...

nope, no bike riding either. Hence the insanity and a few pounds being added I fear.

Mir said...

Hang in there. Planning your race calendar is the best medicine. Mt. Washington Road Race always looked like a crazy good time! I hope you get in...I want to hear all about that one.

BarbBQ said...

Those sound like great goals! I'm with GIM - 1:40 doesn't stand a chance. And I'm not familiar with Mt. Washington Road Race, but I'm guessing it's one mofo of a hill!

I hope the foot stays calm, and that the next week just flies by!

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