Monday, November 23, 2009

Everybody cut footloose

ok, yes, so I ran the other day. While there was no pain while running or right after, it did act up a bit after. And through the weekend. Now I know being on my feet and all over the place on Sunday at the philly marathon didn't help. I was debating running on it again to see what happened then decided not to. I call my Dr this morning to tell her what's what. This is the plan:
No running until I get back from Africa, which pretty much means 2 more weeks off.
Start going to PT again.
If when I run when I get back from Africa I have the same issue, another shot in ye foot.
She's encouraged that it didn't hurt when I ran, so she thinks we're on the right track.
As I've been saying (for far too long now) better now than into my Boston cycle. If I'm gonna rest, let it be now. Oh and I keep pulling out that old Esalen chestnut, trust the process. At least I learned something in the fog of Big Sur.

I was down in philly yesterday to cheer on my BQ ladies and my beloved FRNY team mates. I had such a blast. There should be a marathon maniacs for cheering, this was 3rd marathon cheerathon this fall. It leaves me almost as tired as running does. So many amazing people I finally got to meet in person. Us BQ ladies have been online together for....over a year and a half? So nice to put faces to screen names.

All of you had awesome races yesterday! From gutsy performances (FLO!) to Prs, BQs (Kevin, no lie I almost cried when i saw you and your mom both BQed), to first times, to runs to get back in the swing of things, to cheerleading like you wouldn't believe. It was an awesome weekend, can't wait for the Boston Reunion.


BarbBQ said...

I can't wait for Boston too! Though it sounds like you guys might be torturing me again with a big FE at Shamrock. Damn you.

It does sound like your foot is on the mend, though obviously not quite there yet. And taking that time off will certainly help. Not to mention that it will be easier done in Africa! I'm sure there will be much wonderfulness there to distract you from not running.

Girl In Motion said...

Hugs, my sweet, hopefully Aaaaafrica will finish the job on fixing the foot.

Thank you x 1,000,000 for being a great friend, cheerleader, sexy Strassburg sock wearer and all the other things you are. I can't tell you how much it meant to me to have you and Kat with me over the weekend. Was pretty hefty stuff. Kisses and hugs forever and ever. :-)

L.A. Runner said...

Hold up- you're going to Africa AFTER all? YEAH!!!! I didn't know! That's awesome news! Sounds like your PT person knows their stuff and that you're on the uppity-up. Yeah you!

TiredMamaRunning said...

Yes, trust the process! I looked at those three words in your sig all last winter after missing the BQ the first time to shut off the what-if's and just focus on doing what needed to be done. The Africa trip is perfect timing for letting that foot finish healing-you'll be good to go when you get back!

Boston is going to be epic-looking forward to all of the smaller regional groups of forumites coming together for one big shindig.