Saturday, April 18, 2009

No parkin on the dance floor

So far, I am surviving week one of the taper. I did manage to kick a door which resulted in a lot of cursing, a bloody toe, and according to Loren, a bit of drama.
I had an easy track workout on Tues, just some 600s. To my surprise, there was actually a track meet happening on the track. Oh those high schoolers did not look happy to be out there on a chilly rainy day. I did my 600s on a straight away by the track. Everything else was some easy running. Today was what I consider my last long run. 16 miles. Due to celebrating the lovely Annie's birthday last night, I was out later that usual (ok really I blame Liz) so I was a bit flat.  Also, it was in the 60s, something we haven't seen in a while. No worries though, it was still 9:19 pace and it's done.

On a more serious note, there is something VERY serious happening Monday. And that is the Boston Marathon. All my RWOL girls who have been working so hard, I know you're going to kick some serious ass. And all my Front Runner boys, make this race your and look beautiful doing it. Or you'll have to answer to Kelsey. I'll be home watching.


Girl In Motion said...

A toast to your last long run of the cycle. Woohoo!! Nice to have that finished and done with. Here's to a couple great weeks of tapering and shoring up for the real last long run.

Mir said...

Oh, taper time. Hang in there!

TiredMamaRunning said...

You're so ready. Can't wait to see you BQ-it's not going to be "if" but "by how much."

L.A. Runner said...

Once again, you are going to ROCK NJ! Wrap youself in bubble wrap for your taper. It helps. LOL.