Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lace 'em up, walk around

Today was an easy 5. I ran 2, then came back to get Bea and finish out the last 3 with her. This is her longest run yet. She really loves it and it pretty good about focusing on the run. She's not a huge stop and sniff everything kinda dog so that makes it easier.
The marathon is really closing in. 25 days or something like that. Time to make a shoe decision. After the Nike heal chewing, I knew that wasn't going to work. I returned them and got a pair of Asics 2140s, the latest in the 2000 line. I've had about 4 pairs of 2130s. I also got a pair of DS Trainer 14s. I have the 13s. I really like the 13s but they have this funky lacing this that goes right over my big toe. Fine for shorter distance, I've been racing in the all year, but just wont cut it for anything long. I'm still working on growing my big toenail back, I dont need anything rubbing on it for 26.2 miles. One of these pairs of shoes will come to NJ with me. I am thinking the DS trainers since they are a lot lighter. They're an ounce heavier than the 13s, but they've fixed the lacing problem so it's higher up on the foot, no where near the toes. I ran in these today and they feel good. I have my last 20 on Sunday and that will be the true test. If I dont like how they feel, I'll test drive the 2140s. If I dont like those, well, I have a pair of 2130s with 200 miles on them. That seems like a lot for a marathon though. We'll see.
Updates to come.


L.A. Runner said...

Yep, definitely time to make a shoe decision. I'm enjoying all this talk about shoes, as I HATE every pair I currently own right now. What, 1 more week until taper for you?

DogPound said...

yup! 1 more week til the mind loosing taper!