Sunday, April 12, 2009

I guess we're at our best when we're miles away

Ok, I forgot to put the stats in from yesterday, I'll post them today because they're insane.
1270 out of 7603 (that is a ridiculous amount of people for a 10k in Central Park, if it hadn't been raining, I'm afraid of what it would have been)
172 woman out of 3584
17 outa 517 in age group. 500 women in my age group finished behind me!!! THAT'S INSANE! (Loren was 7th in our AG. oh and the woman who one the age group? 37:37)

Now on to today's run, my last 20 miler of the cycle. I had done 2 others this cycle. One, it was cold. Really cold, 26 degrees cold. I averaged 9:36s and a HR of 160.
My 2nd one was 2 days after we got Bea. I slept about 3 hours the night before, it was a total phone it. 9:52 pace (OUCH. Ok, still with in long run range, but come on. SLOW) 156 HR
Today, well...I did run a 10k yesterday. I ran it fairly hard...
9:09 pace 153HR.
I didn't expect to feel so good, I sorta felt like I'd go out there and just get it done. And I did, and a pretty good clip I might add. Thanks again to RayK and Hil for the (TARDY!!!) run.
Here we go tapper here we go! 
People, please help me not loose my mind as I taper.

As far as my shoes go, I ran the 20 in my DS Trainers 14. I really like them, I think the decision has been made. Off to joisey they go.


jaysummer4 said...

Great 10K!
Hope you have a great NJM.

Girl In Motion said...

Great HR improvement! That's huge. And way to go having 500 in your AG behind you on Saturday. What a huge race for a stinkin' 10k!

Also, yay on the shoes, glad to hear the 14s don't have the evil rub the 13s did. NJ, here you come!

Fran said...

Awesome job Speedy!! Had no idea there were so many runners for this race!! Crazy!

You are gonna ROCK Joisey!! You're Boston bound for sure!!

Anonymous said...