Wednesday, April 8, 2009

four seasons in one day

Today's workout: 10 miles with 4x1200. I must say, my least favorite workout so far. Normally, I would think this is not so bad (I dont hate intervals as much as I use to. In fact, Loren said to me the other night: "remember when you HATED intervals?"). It's true. She'd lead me around the track like a stubborn puppy on a leash. I really hated it. Now it's not so bad. 
I warmed up for 4.5 miles then met Rachel at the track. Clouds were rolling it. It was COLD. Wind, I'm pretty sure I saw an old lady on a bicycle fly by. It was the worst off of turn 2, total head wind or the whole stretch. Oh and to add to all of this: snow. I was worried we might get rained on, but no, we got snowed on. Yes, it's April. Luckily that didn't last.
I did .75 mile,which is a hair longer,  instead of 1200m.
5:28 (7:18 pace)
5:21 (7:08 pace)
5:25 (7:14)
I was hopping for a hair faster, but with the wind. Oh well. Still with in the Mac range of 5:18-34.

We cooled down by running home. I was treated to a lovely sight (this is gross so you might want to skip ahead).  Running, home, we go over this stretch that's a long overpass. I see more dog shit than you can imagine there and usually every 5th car has been broken into.
Well, today, I saw a guy in his car pleasuring himself into a Dunkin Donuts cup. 
WOOHOO! NYC throw back special. All I need now is a hooker breaking into my apt. and it'll be 1989 all over again! (shout out to Lisa re:hooker).


Glorybelle said...

I will never look at another dunkin donuts cup of coffee in the same way again. That's so lovely.

Hey, good job on the intervals in the wind. Seriously this sounds hokey, but remember that if you FEEL like your body is working hard and putting forth a lot of effort... than you're running those intervals right, regardless of pace. Keep it up, Dogger!

Girl In Motion said...

Lol, you know I love the gross stories, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sounds like an excellent session to me, you managed to stay right in range even with that silly wind beating at you. If it had been calm, you'd undoubtedly have been faster. Great job out there, girl!

jaysummer4 said...

That sight on the overpass could put you off men completely.

Oh, wait... nevermind.

L.A. Runner said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my! Did you call the police? (That is illegal in NYC, isn't it?) Eeewwww.

If I ever have the pleasure of meeting you, remind me to tell you the Sponge Bob Square Pants story.

DogPound said...

HA! I think the police would have just laughed.
Hey Jay, I cant think of any straight women who would have found that site attractive.