Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just like a heatwave

This morning was my last long run before NJ. I ran the More half marathon. This event is women only and there's a full marathon for women over 40. I had no intentions of racing, just getting the miles in. When I got to the race, I found out they called off the marathon and made the half a fun run. While people were not happy, it was the right call. Even with that being said, most people still decided to run.
My plan was to run easy. It's a 2 loop course so I would pick it up the 2nd lap but still run with in my long run pace. Man, some of these women still went out guns blazing. I was a litte surprise by that. I was warm for April, low 70s at 8am. None of us have had a chance to acclimate to this. I know later in the summer we'll be begging for such weather. 
Before the race, I drank a whole bottle of electrolyte drink and took a salt pill. I took water/gatorade at the first few stations. Yes, it was warm but I felt fine. I just went out with the mindset if I needed to run slower due to the heat that was fine. Just a training run. There were several Front Runners out there volunteering and cheering and that was great to see. Thanks guys!
At mile 6 I took another salt pill. Mile 7 I took my clif shot. It was warming up. I was surprised by mile 8 the runners had really thinned out. I think a lot of people slowed down or just decided once around the park in this heat was enough. And I started to lap walkers. At first it was fine. Then it was insane. If this were a race, I would have been pissed. By mile 10 some of them were walking 4 across and the runs had to go wide. Not really want you want to do. 
On my 2nd lap I saw 3 people down on the ground. The heat was totally taking it's toll. Another woman was down at the finish. The heat, it's no joke! When I was walking back to the train, the clock above the park said 78. It was about 10:30 am.
When I finished, they were pulling walkers off the course as well, saying they were shutting it down at 11. While I ran how I wanted to and felt really good the whole time, it was getting hot. I did not want to be out there any longer than I was.
I crossed the line in 1:53:22, which is about 8:40 pace. A tad fast for a long run. Actually, a bit faster than I had intended on running. I'm not going to let myself get crazy about that. I didn't have my heart rate monitor on since I just wear a watch in races. I wish I did have it, but I was never breathing hard. I was never WORKING which leads me to believe, even in this heat, my pace was fine. Since finishing, I've just been pushing fluids to recover quickly. I took an ice bath and feel totally fine. I feel like I did a long run, not a hard run so that's a good sign.
Just one more week. It is expected to cool off before next weekend which is great.
I'm excited and trying to stay calm.
This is it people!


Girl In Motion said...

Woohoo, one more measly week! Can't believe how the time has gone. What a great run you had today, even in that heat. It's wonderful to know it will be cooler by the weekend, yet you can handle the heat with aplomb. Great job, doggie!

L.A. Runner said...

Pretty high temps for a northern gal, eh? Good job for toughing it out. You are ready to rock and roll next week! I am so excited for you. Congrats for a successful training cycle. I'll be thinking of you next weekend.

DogPound said...

High temps for April for sure! LIke I said, in a few months, we'll be begging for 70s.
Thanks for your support!

Anonymous said...

Dog, Great job on the training run. I can't believe it's here again. It seems like yesterday you were figuring out which race you were going to do. All your PR's have to give you that extra boost. Calming taper vibes to you woman. I am excited for you! -Hikergirl/Jackie

Jim E said...

Sending happy speedy BQ vibes your way. Good Luck!

jaysummer4 said...

Good luck to you on Sunday.
I hope you have a great race.