Friday, September 4, 2009

all that summer we enjoyed it, wind and rain and shine

I blame my mother for me knowing all the lyrics to this song. And pretty much anything else predating 1970.
I've had a good running week so I'm gaining more confidence in my upcoming marathon. I had the nonswim triathlon on Sun. Tues I did speed with the team. We did the upper loop of CP 4 times at half marathon pace. This loop goes: false flat, downhill, uphill, downhill so there's a little bit of everything. It's 1.4 miles. I averaged 7:32 pace for that. I wish that was my half marathon pace. Maybe. I felt really good during this workout. 
Wed I ran 4 easy miles with Bea. I love running with Bea. I'm glad the weather's cooling off so I can run more with her and get her milage up. Plus, I ran consecutive days, something else I'm trying to get back to.
This morning, I did my long run with Rayk and Ishii joined us for some of the faster miles. The plan was 18 miles: 2 easy 14 at MP +10-20 secs 2 easy. Based on Brooklyn half time (even though that was some months ago) I picked 8:21 as my MP (ha, we'll see) so that's what I used for this run. The pace for 14 miles was to be 8:31-8:41. We ran it all in CP. I averaged 8:40 for the 14 miles and 9:01 for the whole run. Pretty good on tired legs!
So right now I've run 30 miles for the week. Loren and I and Bea are heading to CT for the long weekend so I think I'll do no running tomorrow and somewhere between 6-10 on Sunday. My heel is hurting less and less so while I'm not thrilled about cutting my milage, it seems to be helping that and I'm still able to run well.


BarbBQ said...

Maybe the few days will be the break you need to completely heal that heel. Have fun in CT.

Girl In Motion said...

Glad you're foot's feeling better, what a downer to deal with. Sorry that you had to cut your mileage some though from the sound of those 14, it isn't doing any damage. Yay you! And yay you and Loren for that Tri! Can't believe you just upped and signed up like that, you're so cool. And Loren won? I bow before her. :-)

L.A. Runner said...

Your running is looking awesome, even with the cut in mileage. Hopefuly, in time, your heal will allow you to increase the distances/day per week again.