Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pain, I can't get enough

Ok. I'm sick of my foot hurting. After my 20, I took 2 days off. It's totally unpredictable how this thing is going to feel on any given day. It actually hurt for those 2 days. It should be noted, I'm also PMSing so I dont know if that's making it worse. It might be since my body is all full of fluid. 
Yesterday was the Fitness 4 miler, a team points race. I left my house and ran the 3 miles down to the start. It was 63 degrees which was nice. With 93% humidity which was not nice. The boys ran first so I got there as most of the men were finishing. Foot felt fine on my warm up.
I like it when the men's and women's races are separate, so much more room! As usually, I started with Megan and near Rayk but I knew she'd be getting smaller and smaller as she pulled away. I felt mostly ok. It's tough when it's that humid. The FRNY boys stuck around to cheer which is great. It's such a boost. I can usually gauge how far ahead I am of a team mate by how long it takes for me to hear "go Front Runner" after I hear them cheer for me. 
This happened right after mile 3. I turned to sneak a peak to see who was so close to me. I figured it was Megan but it was Lenny. Lenny is fairly new to the club. When I noticed how close she was to me, 2 things ran through my mind:
1. I am more than twice that girls age
2. I could actually be that girls mother.
Lenny is 18.
My goal for the day was to get under 30 minutes, I hit my watch at 29:58. That'll do! My foot didn't hurt at all. So 7 miles for the day.
Fast forward a few hours:
My foot is killing me.
I check the results and I'm not listed in them. NYRR decided to go with the Dtag for this race. I hate the Dtag. I emailed them and didn't hear back. Then this morning, the results were changed, but they put someone else in what I believe is my finishing time (another FRNY).
UGH. So as I've said, I'm PMSing which in and of itself makes me insane, my foot is killing me, and I ran a race that it looks like I didn't run.
I'm debating my running. I think I'm going to see Pete this week. I'm thinking of not running til Wed or Thurs and letting my foot really rest before the Philly Distance Run. I'm thinking of not running NYC or just phoning it in. I dont know. I'm sure this will all change tomorrow.
Oh and here's some proof I actually did run yesterday:


L.A. Runner said...

Congrats on the race, but sorry the foot is giving you problems. Hopefully your PT guy can help w/ that. I like the black & white pic- too cool!

Glorybelle said...

I missed it, what happened to your foot???

Girl In Motion said...

Wow, that is totally aggravating on so many levels! About the foot, it would do you good to take the days off and at this point, wouldn't change anything, just make sure you run strides the couple running days you have left before the race. The fact that you raced this weekend was a great speed session, so you're good.

As for the D-tag confusion, dayum, that really sucks! At least you got a great photo from the race (you have so many, photogenic runner that you are).

DogPound said...

Glorybell-I have some burisitis in my heel,

GIM-thanks, it is SO FRUSTRATING. See you this weekend!

TiredMamaRunning said...

That d-tag seems to be cause a big pile of poo at every race where it's used. Love the race photo...your speediness always shows up in the pictures!

BarbBQ said...

Man, I hope your PT guy helps that heel. And your results did finally show up, right? I agree with GIM - great photo.

DogPound said...

yes, my results showed up.
My heal, it's bursitis so the only thing to make it go away is not run and that's not going to happen right now, hence my very reduced milage. Though he really worked out my calfs and it feel much much better. Will report back after my test run tonight.

Mir said...

Saw on your FB that they finally got the results fixed. Yay!

Sorry to hear about your foot though. It's so annoying when it's day to day like that. My foot problem was similar. In fact, it still sometimes flairs up.