Wednesday, September 9, 2009

could it be magic?

My week...well, as you all know, I've had this heel issue for a while now. I have to plan my weeks so I get my most important runs in and not run too many days in a row. I also have a team race this weekend and also have the Philly Distance Run next week. There was much planning to do to make sure I got everything in, wasn't running too much too soon, and giving myself a chance to taper for next weekend.
Initially, my goal for Philly was a sub 1:37, the automatic qualifying time for the NYC marathon. Loren was going to run with me and pace me. Well, that's pretty much out the window with my training being where it is. I have auto entry for next year so that's no big deal. In 2011 I turn 40 and my qualifying time goes to 1:44 which I already know I can run. So this was just a goal I had. Philly is a flat fast course but I still think it's a bit outa reach. After talking with Loren this weekend, we also decided she's going to run her own race. She's only run 1 half (1:35:31 in Central Park) and is running pretty well now so I'd like her to go out and do what she can. Plus, as she pointed out, I never run well when she paces me. This is pretty true. We just run differently. She tends to go out faster than I'm comfortable with and then I SUFFER. 
So now I've adjusted my goals:
outa this world: 1:37
holy crap yes: sub 1:40
Ok, that's great: sub 1:43:40, my PR which I ran in Brooklyn 3 weeks after the NJ Marathon.
So with all my special planning, my week looks like this so far: Sun I ran on trails in CT which was awesome. 7 miles and not another person for the entire run, a rare treat for a city runner. Bea was not happy I left her with Loren so on my way back, she joined me for a mile and a half. She had run 4 miles the day before so it was her first time running 2 days in a row!
Monday evening I did 9 miles with 5 at tempo.
Tues my heel really hurt. I thought maybe I did too much. It hurt all day. Then I woke up this morning and it was fine. I debated my 20 miler for today or tomorrow. I wanted to get it done in plenty of time to be recovered for the weekend and have a mini taper for next week. 
I did it today. I didn't get out the door until noon, but I got it done! Longest run since NJ. 
I started by running the last few miles of the NYC marathon course just to mix things up. Around mile 11, I ran into Ishii and ran with her for about 5 miles. Always nice to have some company during these runs that can seem endless.
So now, I'll take tomorrow off and maybe Friday too or maybe just something short and the 4 miler on Sat. 
Feeling pretty good!


L.A. Runner said...

Good grief, noon? Were you about to burn up?

I think you are so wise to set 3 levels of goals. With that being said, I wouldn't sell yourself too short. I know you've taken more than intended off, but you were running incredibly well prior to that. That training is in the bank. Good luck! I hope your heel troubles stay at bay, too!

DogPound said...

lucky for me, it's cool off here. It was humid but never much above 70.
Thanks. I think I'm running well I just dont think I have that real sharp speed, but we'll see!

Girl In Motion said...

Yet another race this weekend? Man, what you do for the team! Yay on getting the 20 miler done and for feeling good. I'm with LA, you might just surprise yourself at PDR (can't believe it's here already...yikes!). Here's to a healthy heel for you, babe.

TiredMamaRunning said...

Bummer on that heel pain not vanishing altogether yet-I'm liking your multilevel goals (still looking for a "that's great" half myself!).

Hope you hit outta this world at PDR!

BarbBQ said...

I vote that you surprise yourself (in a good way, of course), and that your heel injury is giving its final words.