Saturday, August 15, 2009

up all night

Hear at dogpound labs™, I've perfected the perfect way to have a bad long run.
First stay up too late. Then, add nervous old dog who tries to come up stairs, scares herself, and then pees on said stairs. Next, add same dog waking you up at 5:45. Fold in 2nd old dog also then wanting to eat and go out. 
After 5 hours of sleep, nap for 1 hour. 
Wake, prepare oatmeal and ipod.
Dress and leave while the cool air is quickly dispersing. 
Have first half of run go ok.
Turn up heat by 10 degrees.
Slow pace considerably. 
2 miles shy of intended distance, throw in towel.
Serve with shower and Coke float.


BarbBQ said...

Hey, I had a sucky run today - I bailed 4 miles early, and our weather wasn't even bad. But the cat did pee right next to her litter box, instead of in it - is there something in the air, making animals pee in bad places?

Nugent said...

at least you know what went wrong, LOL! I had a bad running day too and unfortunately unlike yours it was in a race. I don't know what's worse your long run plan or my idea of running a summer half marathon in NYC. The cats have been using the litter box as usual though at least.

Girl In Motion said...

Lol, I love this post. Here's to new recipes and better runs.

TiredMamaRunning said...

How close is dogpound labs™ to Prescott Pharmaceuticals? :P

Seriously, though-my rule is that it's always okay to call it early after a night like that. Getting out for ANY running after that is good!

All's well that ends with a Coke float, too (I lived on those back in my pregnant days!).

L.A. Runner said...

Sorry you had a bad run. Good thing about running is that there's always another one on the horizon! Next time will be better, I'm sure. Try to get some rest.

Black Bear! said...

Yum, a coke float! Thanks for the idea, I am putting that on my agenda for the weekend!