Sunday, November 2, 2008

running up that hill

Ok, here's the short of it. Longer race report later when I'm not full of the marathon stupids.
But here are a few fun facts:
-this was my 10th marathon
-4th NY, best time at NY
-2nd marathon in 3 weeks.
-finish time 4:00:30


Girl In Motion said...

Woohoo and Huge Congratulations!!!!! Get that report going, I'm dying to hear the details, missy!

Though you are allowed a period of rest... Oh wait, it's already 6:35? Get crackin'!

DogPound said...

oh man, it'll have to be tomorrow, my brain is FRIED!

Anonymous said...

I've followed your posts for a while and you are AWESOME

HUGE congrats on your best NYC finish - the added effort because of your marathon 3 weeks ago is unbelievable

one question - in your opinion was the marker for mile 16 in the right place? - if so my splits went really wonky there (but so did the spilts of a bunch of others i know and checked)

thanks again for the inspiration


DogPound said...

My splits around 16 seemed in line with what I was running at the time. I just had my watch on so I didn't notice an issue.

Carboman said...

great run! that was my 10th too!