Sunday, November 16, 2008

Race to Deliver

SO with all this recovering I've been doing, I actually haven't been running too much. I've been loosely following the Pfitz recovery program, but really, I've been running when I feel like it. Last week I ran 13 miles. This week I think it's been 16, 7 of that was today.
My team set a goal for the Race to Deliver of 50 runners and raising $1000. At last count, we raised close to $1800 and had 77 people run. This was a NYRR race and the corrals were all screwed up. I wont even go into that. I figured I'd run just for fun, not really be concerned about time since this was really about the cause. And I spent 3 hours getting my arm tattooed yesterday (I know people have asked about it, I'll show pictures when it's healed up. I had things added to my pumpkins/flowers. Now there's a humming bird and insects like bees and dragon flies).
I ran 3 mile to the start as a nice slow warm up.
I got to the start, which was total chaos. I found Hilary and we jumped into a corral about 4 ahead of what our bibs said. In fairness, this is where we usually start. She wanted to race all out. I wanted to see hat would happen with little expectation.
I ran 32:01, 8 minute pace. I'm pretty happy about that! I did feel better today than I have the last few runs so that's a really good.
Next week, I'll continue with my recovery schedule. Then Loren and I leave for Africa. I've decided not to run at all while away. This will give me time to have time off my feet, let all the little nagging things have a rest.
When I come back, I think I'm going to start indoor speed work with the team. This will be a first! I dont mind track running, but I'm not really crazy about a 200m indoor track. After some consultation, I'm willing to give it a shot. I have tons of endurance, now I'm going to try for a bit more speed.

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