Monday, January 25, 2010

On the run Till we're caught in New York

I'm slowly hitting all the milestone I've set for myself on my road to recovery. The latest being the Manhattan Half. I ran this last year while I was training for NJ. Last year, it was 14 degrees and felt like 5. Temps that low do not stop me from sweating like mad and my hair got soaking wet then froze. It's funny to go back and read my blog entry about this race. (Look Rachel, you were the new girl!). It was much warmer this year, 35ish.
I had some concern before the run. After my speed workout on Friday, my bad spot on my foot was starting to hurt a bit. I've been doing all my stretching and icing and everything. I taped it up with kineseo tape the night before. I was waffling about running at all. I really dont want to go back into the land of the hurt. Plus I have this cold which is not helping with the cranky factor. So my plan as of the morning of the race was start and see what happens. If after one loop of the race (6ish miles) it hurt, I'd stop.
I was approaching this as a long run, not a race. No really time goal other than under 2 hours.
My splits:
1: 9:05 ok, not a bad way to start. If I can stick around here, I'm good with that
2: 8:52 with cat hill.
3: 8:20 well ok then,
4: 8:47 feel like I'm settling into this even with Harlem HIll
5: 8:46
6: 8:24
7: 8:44 take (chew) clif shot
8: 9:00 Cat hill again
9: 8:19
10:9:09 Harlem hill again. And look, I'm not just trying to run home.
11: 8:48 I'm starting to stiffen up a bit. I haven't run this far since Oct and I'm feeling it a little
12: 8:26 but clearly not slowing down
13: 8:21
.1: .46
finish: 1:53:42.
Not bad, not bad at all, esp since last year I was TRYING to race this and ran a 1:50:51. No pain in my foot while running, and none after. I'm thinking maybe the pain after speed was caused by doing a little too much or doing it in pretty much brand new shoes. I ran yesterday in my older shoes. I do admit to being a hair sore and stiff today.
Onward with my cautious progress. I ran 27 miles last week (I know, not breaking any records here). I'm thinking of cutting back a wee bit this week and thing pushing on the week after.
People. Boston is in 12 weeks.
This is serious.