Sunday, January 31, 2010

the city's so dangerous on your own

I think I recently mentioned something about running alone a lot and funny how when you say something, the opposite will become the truth. This week, every run I did was with someone else.
Monday, after the Manhattan Half, I ran 2 miles with Bea. Yes, she's a dog but still, I was not alone.
Wed. I ran with the 4th Running Rachel I have met. 8.8 miles. I really hadn't intended to run that far but it was a nice night and generally, I'd rather run home than take the subway.
Friday, 5.75 mile run with Ishii.
Today, Sunday, was like a relay of eating and running. Several people running several distances all meeting up for a few or a lot of miles followed by coffee and snacks at Chez Farrooney, also known as my house. And in a lovely role reversal of gender stereotypes, fresh baked goods by honorary running girl, Chris Stoia. I ran 13.
So this week, I tickled 30 miles and hit 105.5 miles for the month. I'm happy with my progress and my pain free running.
Boston is merely 11 weeks away.
I leave you with this awesome photograph taken by the very talented Mariela Lombard. She really captures what a run that started at noon looks like at 5:30 when people are still eating, watching tennis, and in the case of some, sleeping.