Sunday, June 7, 2009

traveling twice the speed of sound, it's easy to get burned

I had a decent week of running. Tues night I went out and ran hill repeats/tempo with my team. I hadn't done a team workout in a while and it was great to see 30+ people out there working together. It was a weird balancing act to recover from last weeks half and get ready for this week's 10k. I wouldn't have run this race if it wasn't a team points race. 
The women's mini is the oldest all women's race in the country. It has a pro field and I haven't run it in years. I usually do a tri on this weekend. There are 2 things about this race, however:
1. It has an unusual course. It's the only 10k NYRR puts on that has the first mile out of Central Park. It's up Central Park West and it's a FAST mile. Too fast.
2. It's always hot as hell. Or feels like it.
1 and 2 were true today.
I'm not going to go into the messy details of the race except to say I knew I was in trouble when I hit mile 1 in 7:10. Rachel came past me not long after that and said YOU'RE RUNNING TO FAST! I said I know and tried to keep it under control. Honestly, I didn't feel well even before I started. Even though I knew I started too fast and it was totally stupid, I did try to save it a litte.
I finished 47:37, 5 seconds faster than I ran the last points race 2 weeks after NJ.
So not a total wash, just not really what I was hoping for (why I was hoping for anything is a totally different story).
So right now I'm going back and forth about running a 5k next week in Philly with Girl In Motion, mostly because it's flat. I never get to run 5ks. Plus, I like to watch GIM get smaller as she pulls away from me.


Girl In Motion said...

Hah hah, you are too cute. I hope to hell you race with me, we'll have a great time and you can win something, girlie!

Great job racing today, though you were a speedster at the start, it's still a really solid time, especially in this heat.

Now go ahead and say Yes to Sunday...

L.A. Runner said...

You're still running great, regardless of your first mile pacing problems. LOL. I think your readers might like some splits to see how fast that first mile really was. Wink, wink.

DogPound said...

Ha, Loren is wearing the watch I used so I can only give ballpark. The first mile it totally flat, then everything else is hills or rolling hills.
So it was something like 7:10, 7:35. 7:38, 8:12 (I HATE THIS MILE) 7:35, 7:55

L.A. Runner said...

What are you doing this fall, marathon wise? Did I hear you say Hartford? I sure hope so; I need some buddies there.

DogPound said...

I'm doing NY again. Maybe I'll come out to Hartford and watch or do the half or something.

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