Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls

This morning was the 28th running of FRNY's Pride Run. This is my club's 5 mile race. Obviously we get a great turn out from the club (250 running today with tons more working the course!) and we get a lot of fast locals since we hand out the cash.
The men's over all winners came in in a photo finish of 23:05 and 23:06, with third in at 23:08.
My own race was much more on the human scale with a 37:16, a 3+ minute PR. While I am happy with this time, again, I'm not happy with how I ran the race. First mile was maybe a hair too fast at 7:21. I did stick with it and gut it out. Mother Nature also gave us sunshine and some heat, something we haven't seen too much of lately. Oh well. I also got 11th in my AG, being outstepped by  the woman who got 10th. We had the exact same finish time. I dont even remember seeing anyone cross when I did. 
Loren's been working her way back from a calf strain and not running too much so she ran with me. I was holding on for dear life, she was having a casual conversation about how I can gut this out and pick people off in the last mile. We rarely run races together so that was a nice treat even if I did feel like hell.
Thanks for taking such a nice photo of us when all was said and done Bernd! And Congrats Rachel for being the first FRNY woman.
Overall: 545/3661
Women: 68/1780
AG 11/277 


L.A. Runner said...

Way to go, girl! Another PR in the books. How many PR is that in the past year?

DogPound said...

well...hhmmm, 8 distances I know that.

Nugent said...

wow! you're a PR machine. great race and enjoyed the popsicle on my cool down jog.

Nugent said...

p.s. since the results are based on net time that other person could have been nowhere near you on course. i lost to two people myself who finished in the same second and there was no crossing the line with me.

Girl In Motion said...

Great job, PR Queen!! Just wait till it gets cool again, this will be but a moment in history.