Wednesday, May 6, 2009

keep on moving dont stop

I took 2 days off from running. This morning I went out for an easy 4. I felt fine. Nothing's sore, nothing hurts.
I ran 2 on my own then came back and got Bea (the dog) and ran 2 with her. She had a toe injury and hasn't been able to run so today was her first day back too. She didn't seem to have anything hurt either. I really love running with my dog. She gets so focused on what she's doing and really seems to like it.

It's such a weird feeling to have this training cycle over. I'd been at it since Christmas. My first few runs in the unseasonably warm weather of Birmingham with Loren. I'll maintain the next few months. I have a few races coming up then I'll start looking ahead to the fall.
A couple things I'm shooting to do for the fall:
Peak at 70 miles a week
Go sun 3:40 in NYC.
I can say these things out loud now that I nailed NJ.