Thursday, May 7, 2009

going off the rails

How crazy did I look during NJ?
Me and Rachel for the time we ran together.

The final kick, you can see the pig tail flying. Nice face.



Girl In Motion said...

You look great, woman, like you mean business. And you did!

Mir said...

Heeee. I have so many race pictures of myself stopping my watch. Ugh. Seriously, I love that middle picture--one of the best race pictures I've seen.

Anonymous said...

I left a message congratulating you after your run - but not strongly enough.
You did awesome in NJ and i have no doubt you will achieve your 3.40goal in NYC
I must admit to using your achievements as motivation for myself - i have my own goals (way slower) and the way you are achieving yours really helps at 5.15am when i need to drag myself out of bed - i was starting to wonder if i could "get better" - but the way you have improved (albeit at great effort) yourself gives me hope
I plan to run the SFO 1/2 (first half) on 26th July - hope you have some good vibes to send me
Ciao & congrats again


DogPound said...

MIke, thanks so much for your comment. It's awesome to know other people are out there working hard as well.
You've got tons of time before July 26th, I have no doubt you'll have a great race, be sure and keep me posted!

TiredMamaRunning said...

Hey, those are great photos. You want to see some ugly photos...well, yeah, we can just bust out some of my finishes. You just look like a strong woman kicking some ass, and that you did!