Sunday, March 8, 2009

Let the sunshine

Ah yes. Earlier in the week I was layering like crazy to stay warm, staying on the sunny side of the street to stay warm, side stepping ice patches and snow drifts left by Monday's snow storm.
Yesterday I was dodging kids, baby carriages, nuns on bicycles, clueless dog walkers and fair weather outdoorsy types. Not to mention yelling "go back to Jersey" to a gaggle of meat heads out of frustration late into my run in Central Park, every NYers back yard. The thing is, to me, it my back yard all year round no matter the weather. In my deep and rich fantasy life, I'd like the first spring like day to have the park reserved only for those of us who are out there no matter what. All the rest of you should be relegated to your beloved treadmills for one more day. 
Ok, exiting soapbox.
So yesterday, as noted, I ran in the park. 
Today, since the weather is almost as nice, I wanted to avoid the park. I did a 14 miler up and over the George Washington bridge to River Rd on the Jersey side. I've cycled over River Rd countless times, I've only run over there maybe twice. It's nice and secluded and gives a beautiful view of the Hudson and NYC.  During the wet winter months, it's prone to rock slides. There's a pretty big slide over there now that wont be cleaned up for a while. Traffic, car and cycle, is pretty non-existent since you can't pass all the way through. It was lovely. Their were a few cyclists, people walking, and some other runners.
About a mile before my turn around, I noticed the very distinct figure of a dead bird on the road. I stopped to take a look at it. Broken neck. Can't imagine how that happened. Hunt gone wrong by a hawk? I'd think it would still eat it. Hit by a car? Doubtful. A mystery not to be solved. It was a beautiful woodpecker with a very long beak and beautiful feathers in all shades of brown. I got a stick and moved it off the road so it could rot in piece or become lunch for someone and continued on.
This coming week is my longest running week, milage wise, of this cycled. I dreaded it last time. I think I'm in much better shape for it this time.


Ansky said...

So that was you? I was walking off my 20 miler on the NJ side of the bridge (I live in NJ) and I saw someone in a Front Runners shirt heading down River Rd.

DogPound said...

yes! that was me!

Girl In Motion said...

Sounds like a great run, complete with vibrant road kill. How funnily morbid, your moving it around with a stick. Better dead stuff than dodging NJ meat heads and clueless people with their stupid carriages. (another bitter "get out of my way" runner here)