Thursday, March 12, 2009

hey la hey la

For this training cycle, I'm doing Pfitz 18/55 again. I'm in my 55 week right now. I had decided (and forgot about and was kindly remind of by Loren) that I was going to push this week closer to 60. When I did it last time it was August and it was HOT. Now it's much cooler. And it's much easier this time around.
So far this week I've done:
12.2 with 7 at tempo. I did this with Ishii on Tues. We averaged 7:56 for the tempo. It was a good run.
8 recovery. It was slated at a 6, I ran with Rachel K and Hilary and made it 8.
12.8 today solo. It was back down to the low 30s when I went out today but felt nice. I followed that will a session with PT Pete.
Tomorrow I'm taking off (because Loren and I are GOING TO PICK UP OUR DOG!!!)
Sat easy 5 which I will up to 6 and then Sunday is the 20 which may go to 21.
I'm tired, but that's mostly from DST sleep disruption. Oh and cat projectile vomit disruptions. Yuck.

As the weather has gotten nicer, more people are outside. And people are friendly. It still surprises me how many people in my neighborhood say things to me while I'm running. Not the catcall variety which I sorta expect. A hey, how's you're workout? You're looking really good (not like hey baby, you're looking GOOD), nice work, that sorta thing. And almost always ending with a god bless you. I always have sorta an internal head tilt when I hear that. Not that I dont think it's not a nice sentiment (even being a true non believer) it's just...let's say the god bless you crowd needs some better PR when it comes to those of us with the gay, we can be a bit weary of you. Yes, that is a lot to go through one's head in a matter of seconds at the end of a run.  But anyway. I do really enjoy chatting with people who are truly interested in what I'm out there doing and not just enjoying the view of my fine ass.


Glorybelle said...

Hey DP, not all "God bless you" types are uncomfortable with homosexuality. FWIW, I know you have a fine ass because you run! ;-)
And God bless you for having that ass. Hee hee hee.

In all seriousness... the family I grew up with was so very devout Catholic, and most of us are still practicing Catholicism... but without disclosing who the family member is, one of my immediate family members is homosexual. Ain't no thing to us! We don't hate, we celebrate.

Enjoy that good weather out there!

DogPound said...

GB, oh I know it's not everyone, it's one of those squeaky wheel things. Like I said, y'all need some better PR!
(I too was raised Catholic...still trying to recover from the school uniforms!)

Girl In Motion said...

Congrats on the fabulously fat training week. It's so utterly cool how easy this cycle is for you, like "been there, done that, more please.". :-)

Yay Doggie for the Doggie!! Can't wait to hear all about the new addition to the family. I'm expecting loads of pictures.

DogPound said...

fat training? is it because I'm eating a pint of ice cream?

Glorybelle said...

Hahahah, I had to laugh at FAT training! Although I know what GIM meant. That's funny!