Monday, March 16, 2009

Can't drive 55

Yesterday I finished the peak week of Pfitz 18/55. Last time I did this, I ended tired, really done in . This time, I felt sorta the same way but for a totally different reason. I pushed the week to 59.4 miles instead of 55 making it my highest milage week ever. I did want to go to 60 but for the same reason I ended the week so tired, I didn't have it in me for that last half mile (should have done it earlier in the week!).
Loren and I got a dog on Friday night. This was something I wanted to do for a long time. Smartest thing to do during marathon training? Maybe not. She's not a puppy however, so I think that helps. She's adjusting to her new home, her new roomates (she's taken to the humans just fine, the cats still have her on probation but things are looking really good in that area), and life in the city. She hardly slept at all on Sat night. So I hardly slept. I did my 20 miler yesterday totally exhausted and sleep deprived. But I did it. It was sorta slow, but very steady and it's OVER! And the week that kick my ass last time is OVER and I'm not even bruised by it.
I have 50 on tap for this week. I might push that up a hair. I also have a tune up 15k this weekend. I have to rearrange things cause Pfitz calls for the race on Sat. Man, races are almost never on Sat. So I think I'll long run Fri (17) with the uptown girls and race Sun. I love 15k, I wish there were more races at this distance.


L.A. Runner said...

Good luck with the puppy training. I'm amazed that s/he is doing okay with the cats. Good luck this weekend!

Girl In Motion said...

Yay, a 15K report to read, can't wait. Have a great week and catch up on sleep so you'll be fresh as a daisy come Sunday. Yay on the new baby - arf!

Glorybelle said...

Great job on the new mileage PR. I bet you had the additional .6 miles in there somewhere, and just lost track. Call it an even 60!!!

Isn't that weird how all the training books have races scheduled on Saturdays when nowadays all the races are on Sundays? At least they are out here.

Hey, when are you posting pics of that new little puppy?

DogPound said...

Yup, most races out here are on Sunday, so I tinker with my schedules.
You can see my new baby here:

Glorybelle said...

She's a little cutie!! Great pic.