Sunday, May 1, 2011

People in motion

A lot has happened in the barely 2 weeks since Boston. A LOT I tells ya!
First, I got a cold. That doesn't really surprise me, I've gotten sick post marathon before. Ye olde immune system really takes a nose dive. Sitting on a sold out Megabus for 4 hours the day after doesn't help either.
Then Loren and I packed up everything and moved to SF. Ok, that was in the works for a while, but the actually happening of it was about a week after Boston. The week of Boston I spent packing up our place while Loren was in CA for work. She came home for the weekend and the mad packing push. I thank Day/Niquil for seeing me through these days. It's a big job to pack up 20+ years of life in one city and move it to the other side of the country. Not to mention 2 cats who had little interest in going anywhere.
Luckily, getting everything out of our place (movers. Young, strong men) was fairly drama free. Much to my surprise, flying with the cats was also fairly drama free. Everything from drugging them, to getting them in their carriers, through security and on the plane went off pretty much without a hitch. Of course Beans is still freaked out here in the new place. (just a side note: yes, my pets have facebook pages. With beans, I do not know who 140 of her 170 fans are. She's taken on a life of her own). Tobias is much better adjusted. He's acting like he's been here his whole life.
Now we're in our new place but our stuff is not. Living like we're camping with an airmatress, a camp towel, 1 take out container as our plate/bowl, and a pot borrowed from a neighbor. Our stuff should be here this week.
As for running, I'm totally ready to get back on the horse. It's also a great way to explore the new 'hood. Yesterday Loren and I did 4 miles before joining an old pal of mine for an established weekly coffee club meeting. That was great, I love the girls who meet and feel like there's an instant posse. The run itself was fairly hilly. That is my new challenge. I don't mind running hills, but some of this stuff up in here is crazy. This morning i went out on my own from another 4 in a different direction. I think exploring all of this will be fun.
I'm looking forward to getting my bikes out here as well. There's a group that bike commutes down to Google. Loren will be working not far from there as well. I'm hoping to hop on the rides once or twice a week as I train for the Ironman (oh yea, that thing). To start I'll ride down and train back and as I get in better shape, ride down and back. I'm so looking forward to that and just having my bike to get around the city.
Well, lots of new adventures to be had out here I'm sure, so stay tuned!


Lori said...

Audra and Loren, sounds like everything is falling into place. I think with Boston, the packing, etc. etc. this move is going to be well worth all that went into it.

and of course, Beans friend, Zoe.

Ms. Duffy said...

I'll miss your NYC posts and look forward to SF ones instead --- best of luck! OH, and where's BEA???

DogPound said...

Bea's with my mom but she'll be out here in a few weeks.

Girl In Motion said...

Aw, a new life begins, it's exciting, scary and oh so wonderful. Love how you already have friends and friendly neighbors to lend you a pot. I can't wait to see more photos of your life as you get it all together.

Wish SF was a continent closer but oh well. Love.

Elizabeth said...

So exciting! I had no idea you were moving. I'll be emailing you soon to see if we can meet. I am coming to San Fran in a few weeks, and then again in October!

AKA Darkwave, AKA Anarcha, AKA Cris. said...

I'm having an awfully hard time not thinking of you as a New Yorker. And I'm annoyed we never got to run in CP together.

DogPound said...

you can take the girl out of you're much faster than I am!