Monday, May 30, 2011

If I'm wrong I am right, no need to look no further.

After 3 trips back and forth form the East coast to the West coast, I am happy to announce the entire Farrooney clan is finally in CA. Bea was the last one to make the trip after 6 weeks at Nanny's. I knew the whole trip back for be exhausting: running the Brooklyn half, trying to see as many people as I could, sleeping on the floor of my former apartment (don't ask), going to Philly, and finally, shoving my 20lb dog into a bag and under the seat in front of me on the plane. It didn't help that the flight was delayed and we had turbulence for the duration. Bea was high so she didn't care so much. By hour 4 of the flight, my ass was killing me.
That's pretty much when I decided to change the course of my summer.
I'm not going to do the Ironman in July.
There are several reasons for this decision, which because I'm me, took me a while to finalize.
First, I can not deal with flying across the country again (I've done it 3 times since mid march). On top of the flying, there's then the driving to Lake Placid, which is close to no where. Dealing with getting my bike there, covering the 140.2 mile race, then doing all that traveling again.
I was really looking forward to doing this as a celebration of doing my first one with 2 very long time and dear friends of mine but the reality is, my heart isn't in it. I've done 3 other Ironmans, I know what it takes. When I told my friend Claudia who I was going to do this with, she understood and said "your heart needs to be in it or it's just a long painfu day without much of a silver lining".
Yup. It's a long painful day even if you're heart is in it. No getting around that. I have nothing to prove. This is the right decision for me now.
When I talked to Loren about this, she was a little relieved. We live in a new place with new adventures. While she would be totally supportive of me in this, she did say in the back of her mind she wasn't really looking forward to weekends where I couldn't do something because I have to go ride 80 miles. After that, all I kept hearing was "ride 80 miles...ride 80 miles..." who the hell wants to go ride 80 miles? Ok, I love cycling. I'd love to ride 80 miles. If that's all it was. I'm sure there's be a 15 mile run the day before or a 10 mile run right after. No thanks.
With that, I withdrew. And I am relieved.
This of course does not mean I will be totally sitting on my ass. Oh no.
We're planning on going up Rainier this summer (we were planning that anyway) and my focus has shifted to what I need to do to get ready for that.
Oh yea, and there's that sub 1:40 half I'm chasing. I'm looking for a race in the fall/winter. A race that does not require flying! So I'm taking suggestions.


Girl In Motion said...

Alright!! Tell you what, you are SO smart to pull out. It's a hell of a prospect if your heart is in it, but if it ain't? I can only imagine how miserable the training scene would be. Good for you, here's to a happy summer doing what floats your boat. That's all that matters.

BarbBQ said...

I'm sure it was a tough decision - you've never struck me as someone who doesn't commit to things 100%. But I think you'll enjoy exploring your new home a lot more without that Ironman looming. As far as a fall HM, it ain't scenic and it is Rock 'n' Roll (ugh), but it is flat - the San Jose R&R HM in October. The "Bg Sur" HM in Monterey has a few short hills, and the weather is office, but it's a lot more scenic.

L.A. Runner said...

I think focusing on your new start, new home, and new adventures is a really, really awesome decision. I've felt like *not* doing races before, but never had the guts to admit it. And those were just regular marathons, not the other two elements attached. Rainier will be AWESOME and I'm sure you will make more and better memories doing those other things w/ Loren then you would doing an IM that you didn't *really* care about. ((((HUGS)))) You are awesome.

AKA Darkwave, AKA Anarcha, AKA Cris. said...

I think anytime you really don't want to run a race, you shouldn't. Seriously, what's the point.

Elizabeth said...

I agree with Cris. Sounds like a huge weight lifted off of your shoulder. Hope you find exciting wonderful new things in San Fran!

Anonymous said...

Well, um, it does require flying, but you should totally come out to Moab with Kazz and me and run The Other Half! Super-scenic, a little rolly.

I totally don't blame you for pulling out of the IM. It sounds like a smart decision to me.

Rachel said...


bt said...

The US half in SF is a great, reasonably small race. The hills are a little rough, but it's an awesome option.

AND, of course, CIM is one of the best full options out there.