Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sandwiches time Sandwiches time Sandwiches on my mind

This morning, the sandwich run.
The plan: run 3 miles up town. Really, up. If I walk out my door, I go down hill about 3 blocks. Then up hill for about a mile an a half so that's a nice warm up. Then do Coogan's 5k. Also, not flat. There's a lot of ups and downs on this courses. And let's face it, I dont like 5ks. I just dont. Unless they're cross country races, those I love. Dont ask me why. Then I ran 3 miles home to cool down. The run home is nice since I get to go down those hills I ran up. Ishii and Loren ran up there with me, and Loren ran home with me. During the race, she was cheerleader extraordinaire.
Anyway, the 5k. I decided to use this as my speed/tempo work out this week. Pfitz called for 10 miles with 5x1000 at 5k pace. I did this instead. Now I know they're not the same work out and I would fun 1000s fasters, but oh well. I like doing this race, so that's what I did.
No real expectations. That seems to be a theme for me lately. I never know how to gauge 5ks since I dont run them often and when I do they're usually XC.
I finished in 23:04, then of course I was annoyed that I was so close to breaking 23 minutes. Over all, pretty good given that I did my MP run 2 days ago and this was part of a 9 mile run.
7:26 pace
1099 out of 5629
women: 174 out of 2612
age group 16 out of 382 (this really suprised me).

I'm going to end my entry today by bragging about my pal Megan Jenkins. Megan and I often trade off in races depending on the day, distance, position of the moon, whatever. She usually beats me however. This week, she was telling me of her frustration of working specifically on shorter distances and feeling like she's not getting any faster. I said, well, maybe you've hit a plateau and you'll push over it soon enough. At the start of the race today I asked her what she hoped to run. She wanted to PR (her PR 7:01 pace) but had doubts.
We started together but I only saw her for about the first mile. Then she took off, never to be seen by me again.
She finished in 21:10. 6:49 pace. 70% age grade.
Megan, I think you're over your plateau.
Way to seriously kick some ass out there today on a very tough course.