Friday, March 5, 2010

And the soles of your shoes are all worn down

Here's an update on my week:
Sunday I did my long run, 18 miles. I had company for most of it, buncha girls running a buncha different distances. That's sorta the nice thing about running in Central Park. People just sorta jump in and out at different points. So for my whole 18 miles, I think I ran 5 of it alone. And the conversations are certainly are never boring. We either have people running to get away from us or hanging on a little to close to see what we're talking about (perhaps sorry they did).
While I certainly wasn't breaking any speed records on this run, it made me tired. It also made me a little sore. Then it dawned on me, I might just be a little tired. Over the last few weeks, I've had a chest cold, a kidney stone, flew cross country, then got my period.
Yea. That might take a bit outa a person.
Monday easy recovery.
Tues. Off
Wed. run o the mill 12
Thus off
Fri the dreaded Pfitz 15 with 12 at marathon pace.
Now, anyone who's been reading here knows I'm coming off an injury. I have no friggin idea what marathon pace is right now. My last half was in Jan and I ran 8:40 pace without too much trouble. That was my longest run in months and really I just wanted to cover the distance. I ran that 10k in SF at about 7:42 pace and felt good. I gave myself a range of 8:20-8:40. Yea, casting a big net but all still under 3:50 which would qualify me again, which I'd like to do. That's as close to stating a goal I'm going to get right now.
I warmed up for 2 miles, met Ishii (who is becoming as common as my running shoes on my runs) and off we went. She did a lap of the park with me (which is 6 miles) then it was me and Dan Savage for the rest of the run (and running into RayK again...I'm sensing a pattern here).
I wont bore you with splits, but I averaged 8:28s for my MP miles. Fastest was 8:19 I think, slowest, up Harlem hill 8:41. Average for the whole run: 8:48.
I'm rather happy with that. And my heart rate was rather low, I averaged 162 (my max is 200 if you feel like doing math). So I wasn't even working that hard.
This is a nice little shot of confidence. In a couple of weeks, me, Loren Flo, and Kat are heading down to Virginia Beach to the run the Shamrock Half as a team (team BQ Babes!). That will give me a really good idea of what I can aim for in Boston.
This weekend, I'm running Coogan's 5k. I'm not really racing it, more like a tempo run. I'll run up there (it's a lovely 3 hilly miles from my house) do the race, run home. I really like this race. It's fun to race in NYC and NOT in CP. Washington Heights is a funky hood and tons of people come out to cheer. And it's a tough 5k, a distance I dont really like to begin with. I tend to like them more when they're hilly, I think it reminds me of cross country.

So people, we are just about 6 weeks out from Boston.
Excited yet?