Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Down by the riverside, it's bound to be a better ride

I went to see Pete yesterday and after poking, prodding, stretching, ultrasound and all that stuff, he said "ok, I dont want to see you again unless you're in serious pain". So I'm cleared to run. His advice: build slowly, nothing more than 5 miles. Of course, he didn't say for how long but I think I'll know when to bump up. Not to mention right now I'm not sure I COULD run 5 miles. Ok, I guess I could but it would be very slow and I'm sure not too much fun. I have run 3x this week, 2 2 milers and just got back from a 3 miler. All with Bea. I'm thinking of starting a new running team: Bitches with Bitches.
I've been in pretty much a constant state of marathon training for several years. It feels really weird to be starting from 2 mile runs. Honestly, I dont remember the last time I had to start from such a place. I'm guessing after a few weeks, my body will remember all of this and I'll be back to my old self. For now, slow slow slow. I've been looking at a few plans to get me going again, mostly Hudson's level 1 marathon plan as a guide. I can just piece things together and adjust on how things are going. I'm thinking 1 more run this week, maybe not quite 5 miles.
I dont think Bea knows what she's in for. She does like to run with me but she has no idea I intend to make her my primary running mate for a while. She's now passed out on the bedroom floor.

Oh one more thing! Today's run got me past the 1500 mile mark for the year. In my mind, I was hoping to hit 2000 miles for the year, but the injury put an end to that idea. Maybe in 2010!