Sunday, June 1, 2008

Papa Bear

So today Loren wanted to go work on open water swimming. She's pretty new, less than a year to swimming. Period. I taught her when we were camping last August. We're both doing Keuka Lake Tri, her first olympic, next week.  We drove out to Harriman State park in search of open water.
Despite there being several lakes out there, we couldn't find a good place to swim. So a bike ride would have to do. 
I usually dont, really never, drive to ride but oh well. We rode Seven Lakes Dr and went to the top of Bear Mountain. About a 35 mile ride with some nice climbing in there.
Here's a picture of Loren at the top, next to what seems to be the most popular way to get up Bear Mnt. I hadn't done this ride in years. It was a much easier climb than I expected and remembered.
All and all a pretty nice day.

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