Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Laying low and wasting time

I have not updated in a while. Not that there's been much to update, but I have been internet running related laying low. I figured I would do the old year end/new year wrap up.
In 2011, I ran 1264 miles. Not setting any records there, but it was 200 miles more than 2010.
I PRed in the half, but missed my goals of breaking 1:40 in the half and 3:40 in the full. I felt like I had a lot of solid running. With moving across the country, it's taken me some time to get my running routine together. I'm still working on that. I've set no solid running goals for 2012. No marathons, no halfs, nothing really planned other than some trail races. I feel like after years of chasing Boston, I need a break for serious goal chasing. I don't think I'm done, I know there are faster times in me. I'm just going to focus on some other things.
Since moving, I've been doing more trail running. I love it. It's a nice change from road running. Time is less important. It's very mental. It's also very beautiful. It's also making me stronger which is awesome.
My biggest goals for 2012 are high points. I have 32 done. In 2011, I did 4. HI, FL, AZ, and AL. It's getting tougher to get a lot done in 1 year and several done in 1 trip. We should be able to get 3-4 in a trip to the midwest. IL is tough because it's on private property that is only open 4 weekends a year. Another challenge is the high points themselves. A sample of what's left:
Mt Rainier: 14, 410' glaciated peak.
Mt Hood 11, 239' glaciated peak
Granite Peak 12,799', 22 miles round trip, plus technical climbing
Gannett Peak 13, 804' 40 miles round trip, plus technical climbing
Denali the name says it all.
This year, we're planning on Hood and Rainier. The High Pointers club is having the yearly convention in OR so Loren and I have been in touch with people about planning a climb. An old friend of Loren's is a former professional guide and has agreed to do Rainier with us. I'm really excited about both of these trip.
This weekend, we're running Crystal Springs (the 11 mile course). We went out last week to check out the course. Should be lots of fun! As I said, I'm digging these trail runs.
I'll sign off with a picture of us at the AL high point, which was also Bea's 8th.

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L.A. Runner said...

Goooo Alabama! I'm so impressed with how many high points you guys have gotten. I really missed out on visiting Ranier the past 2 years when I visited Seattle. It did look very beautiful from a distance and the bottom.

I'm also in agreement that there's something special about trail running. We've been exploring our new territory with trails and it's a lot of fun.

I can't wait to read and hear about more of your trail running and high points this upcoming year.

Happy New Year!