Friday, April 1, 2011

Hello Hello San Francisco

First another ticker update. My cardiologist wanted to do blood work on me even though I had just had it done in Nov. It turns out I'm a little low on magnesium which could be part of the issue. So now I'm taking that to see if it helps.
The last few days it's been much much better, really no fluttering at all. I'm thinking it was a combo of stress, low mag, and maybe a week of pushing too hard.
Now moving on o actually running. I've been in SF for the last week (more on that later) and wrapped up my last 20 miler with Barb, also know to the RWOL folks as BarBq. Nice to get that one out of the way, and run with someone else, and run somewhere else. Loren joined for the last 8. I felt like a total slug but it's done. I had a few other runs as well while I was out there.
Now I'm looking at my weekend which calls for a tune up race and a 16. Honestly, I'm thinking of blowing off the tune up. There's really no race to be had this weekend and I'm tired from all the stress of travel and...
the fact that we're moving to San Francisco. I mentioned this somewhere else today and someone called shenanagins due to the date, but it's true. We're packing up and heading west. I kept it kinda quiet until we found a place to live which was what this trip was all about. And we did! I'm very excited and freaked out at the same time.
This all comes while I'm getting ready for that little race in Boston's stressful.
Anyhoo, I don't think blowing of a tune up which I'd end up doing on my own as a tempo is going to make or break anything with a little over 2 weeks to go. We'll see how I feel when I wake up tomorrow.


AKA Darkwave, AKA Anarcha, AKA Cris. said...

Oh wow.

Me thinks that we need to be doubly sure to meet up in Philadelphia pre-Broad Street so I get a chance to meet you IRL before you move to the other coast.

DogPound said...

I'll be gone by then :(
But we will meet up some day!

Girl In Motion said...

Aw Dog, you know how much I'm going to miss you even if we didn't get to see each other face-to-face all that often. I'll be looking forward to your mom visits.

Super great that it might be magnesium. You really are a weird bird, the first person I've heard of who needs more of that.

Screw the tune-up, very cool about running your 20 with Barb, love how small the world keeps getting.

And congrats on the place!! Can't wait to hear all about it.

jess s said...

I'm going to SF tomorrow!

TiredMamaRunning said...

Soooo exciting about the move! Yay. Glad you guys found a place. FWIW that's one thing on Pfitz I've always totally blown off...doing the tuneup races exactly as scheduled. I do them when good ones appear locally or not at all (no time trials).

Anonymous said...

I knew one day you would move but I did not think it would be so soon. I am super happy for your guys, but I feel sad you are leaving. I will really miss you

jesse.anne.o said...

Good news on the heart front!

jesse.anne.o said...

Wait, WTF you're moving?! kdlfaf

I am shocked but happy for you.

DogPound said...

Yes, I'm moving which means 2 things:
1. we have to get together before I go.
2. You have to come to SF and hang out with me and Chriso.

jesse.anne.o said...

Okay, both of those things should happen! :O