Friday, January 21, 2011

Fools and horses Running their courses

My first week as a master is not going at all like I planned.
I turned 40 last week. For my birthday, I did a birthday triathlon that consisted of a run, a trip the Russian Baths, and sushi. I did this last year as well and it's a great time. I get to do things I love with people I love.
One down side this year: Loren got terribly sick and missed the whole thing. And upside: my BFF Tracy surprised me at dinner, which was awesome. She lives in Philly so we don't see each other all that much. The day after my birthday, however, I too got sick. BOOOO.
I missed 4 days of running. Not that big of a deal, but ya know let's be honest. Runners are addicts. At least I am anyway. I don't like to miss my runs.
I was getting back on track this week, running with Loren and the dog a couple of times.
This weekend is the Manhattan Half, the first in a series of halfs in NYC, one in each borough. For a while now I've had plans for this race, plans I've kept in my head until now.
1. have this be my first race as a master
2 run the qualifying time for the NYC marathon, which is sub 1:44.
these things may not happen. I'm feeling like crap again. I've run sub 1:44 before though I'm not really in shape for it. Before getting sick, I as prob. right on the edge of that. I was getting my milage up and starting to do speedwork again. Tomorrow's weather at race time is 15 degrees with a windchill of 1. I'm not too worried about that. in 2008, the race had similar conditions and I PRed. My hair also completely froze.
What's making me really think about just sleeping in is we're leaving for Hawaii on monday to climb Mauna Kea . Yes! The high point of Hawaii!!! This trip is more important than a race I'm really not in shape to race the way I want to.
I do, however, have a hard time letting go of races I've signed up for. I don't know why. If I feel like crap in the am but feel better later in the day, I can still go out and get a long run in. I guess I feel like I'm missing the jump start to my Boston training, even though I know there's nothing I can do about getting sick.
I just keep telling myself my first week of training will be done in Hawaii. And will be done in shorts.

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L.A. Runner said...

Feel better, chica! So, did they hit you with wet brooms again? Hahaha. Hope Loren is well, too, and you guys have a BLAST in Hawaii!