Saturday, May 8, 2010

swimmin, swimmin in the water

I feel a little bit all over the place right now, trainingwise. I took 7 days off of running and my first run back was yesterday. It was ok. 5.5 miles with Rayk and Ishii. I have no foot pain while running, and a hint of it after. It's frustrating. I'd really like to try and get to the bottom of this. The upside is I don't have any huge distance races (like, ya know, a marathon) in my future so I don't need high milage. As I've mentioned before though, I've gotten use to running a lot. I just have to switch my mindset a bit. I think I'm going to go back to PT next week and just get really worked on. I've been extremely tight ever since Boston even with all the stretching I do.
In other news, since I'm not running what I normally do, I've gone swimming several times this week. This morning I dragged Loren around the pool for a mile. Quite a change from how it goes when we run together. Being in good running shape has gotten me into decent swimming shape. Obviously totally different muscle groups, but aerobically, no problem what so ever. I also went for my first real bike ride this week. River Road is just over the George Washington Bridge and runs along the Hudson. It's a beautiful road to ride on with almost no car traffic. It's a good work out with some nice climbing and a 26 mile round trip from my house. I admit my quads are a little sore, those cycling muscles have ben hibernating for a while.
So yea, I'm staying in shape. I'm getting ready for that that tri next month. I would like to be running more. I think low(er) milage is in my future for the time being, but clearly that didn't hurt me in Boston so I'm sure it'll all be ok in the end.


Girl In Motion said...

Wow, the tri's just next month? OMG!! Didn't realize. You don't waste much time, do you? :-) Cool on your fitness being great in the pool. Hope you get to the bottom of the foot thing soon, it's been lingering far too long now.

DogPound said...

ha, I dont waste much time miss 65 miles this week?
This is the little tri loren and I decided to do like last week. The big one is Aug.

L.A. Runner said...

I know what you mean about biking/swimming working different muscles. It can really get you! I'm really excited for you and this tri training. It will be neat to see how all your marathon training has improved your overall tri performance.

Carole Sharpless said...

I randomly came acrosos your blog... loving your spirit!!!! All the best for your tri's this season - you'll be HOOKED, but you already know that...

Carole :)