Tuesday, April 20, 2010

pick the beat up and kick your feet up

I'm not even sure to begin with my Boston experience. I guess I'll start with my finishing time for those of you who dont know:
3:41:07. (8:26 pace). That's a PR of almost 4 minutes!
Now those who read regularly know a lot about my journey so I'll spare everyone the entire story.

This was an amazing weekend. I was very excited about going and meeting so many of my BQ Babes that I had yet to meet in person. Oh yea, I was excite about the race too, but also rather calm. I didn't feel any huge pressure since all the pressure was just getting to Boston.
I got in Sat. after noon and met Kat and Flo to hit the expo and number pick up. After, Flo, my roomate for the weekend, and I grabbed dinner just the 2 of us. Later that night, it was off to Beerworks for more mingling with interweb and real life pals.
Sunday morning, Flo and I did a nice and easy 3 mile shake out run. The weather in Boston had been cool bordering on cold and off and on rain. Later that morning, another get together. Let's face it, this weekend is one big runner's party. All the girls got together for brunch. I had the afternoon to relax. My mom and Ruth decided sorta last minute to drive up to Boston (about a 5 hour drive) so I got to hang out with them for a while. By the evening, Loren and my BFF Tracy showed up. We ordered take out from a local place and ate at the hotel. I spent the rest of the evening relaxing in the hotel and getting everything ready. Rocky was on TV (though very poorly edited). I watched the whole thing.
Monday morning, up at 5. Eat, get dressed, get it together. Met a crew in the lobby and off to the buses. Since Boston is an out and back, it's a long trip on a school bus. A school bus packed with runners. Once at the Athlete's Village, there's time to kill, portopotties lines to wait in, and people to see. Since I was in the 2nd wave, I had even more time. As the first wave went to line up and start, most the folks left behind were women. I was hanging out with my BQ Babes from wave 2 just waiting or the start of the thing we'd all been waiting so long for!
Nina and I had talked about starting together since our goals were similar. We both wanted to requalify but really wanted to go under 3:40.
For my pace band, I used Greg's pace chart set for 3:39. He's figured out elevation and effort/fade into his formulas. On my other wrist, I had hill locations, up and down and length. I have Flo to thank for that idea. It was very very helpful.
Here we go, mile by mile. First I'll post my actual split then what my pace band said
1 8:31 (8:51) ooops. I bit fast but feeling relaxed. Which I should. It's MILE ONE
2 8:14 (8:30) ok, still a bit fast. Trying to keep it under control. This race does pretty much just go downhill to start
3 8:18 (8:09) that's better
4 8:08 (8:03) it's still fairly crowded here, but not insane. Racing in NYC all the time, I'm use to crowded.
5 8:26 (8:20) first gel. Had also been thinking about peeing but only if I saw an open portopotty
6 8:12 (8:11)
7 8:15 (8:12) still a little ahead, still with Nina. Feeling pretty good. I think I saw Paul here.
8 8:16 (8:19) Saw Tracy cheering!!! Or she saw me!
9 8:38 (8:14) I decided to pee. It was annoying me and figured I'd just keep thinking about it if I didn't. Bolted off to a portopotty just as someone else went in so I said screw it and went behind. I was joined by 2 other women and we looked like a little row of ducklings just peeing behind the portopotties. Yes, runners do this kinda stuff. I lost Nina for a mile or so but then found her again. This stop put me exactly on pace. Every time Nina and I crossed a tracking mat, we joked about our pals following along online and if they'd figure out we were running together.
10 8:04 (8:20) this I was a little hyped off from having stopped
11 8:05 (8:20) um yea. Now ahead. I think this is when I rejoined Nina. Gel 2
12 8:09 (8:07)
13 8:16 (8:18) still feeling good. Still on pace or a bit ahead. 2nd half coming! Since most of the down hills are in the first part of the race and the ups in the 2nd, most people run a positive split, meaning the run the first half faster than the 2nd. My pacing was set to have me do that by 1:21. I came in half way at 1:48:33
14 8:16 (8:17)
15 8:26 (8:21) I'm starting to notice that I'm running.
16 8:11 (8:00) The Newton hills start just after mile 16. I was starting to feel tired. Then I heard someone SCREAM my name, I turned to the right and saw the cheering squad of Cheers Beers and Chowdah going nuts. It was just the boost I needed at just the right time. Not 100 yards later, I saw the young and pretty boys of FRNY cheering as well. I was totally reenergized. Sometime around here, I lost Nina again. She said she was going to use a the bathroom and I didn't see her again. :(
I was hoping she'd catch me again.
17 8:32 (8:38) Let the hills begin. They go from 16.7 to about 21. OH GOOD TIMES TO BE HAD! I felt pretty good. I was running them well. I was passing people. Gel 3
18 8:43 (8:38) um. Hills? Ok, still moving well. Not worried about my time.
19 8:32 (8:11) My goal's slipping. I dont feel terrible.
20 8:50 (8:31) The thing is...it's WHEN the hills come! I'm still running them pretty strong. I'm still passing people, some who are walking, I just don't have a lot of power and my legs feel like cement blocks.
21 9:01 (8:51) my only 9 minute mile. Remember when I use to say no 10 minute miles? Now I say no 9 minute miles. CLose enough. Gel 4. Heartbreak Hill is mine, and the cherry on top, I see Loren, my mom, and Ruth. I give a big wave.
22 8:23 (8:10) even going down hill hurts. I know at this point I'll pretty much have to completely blow up to not get under 3:45 even if I'm just pulling away from 3:40.
23 8:39 (8:16) I'm really having an are we there yet moment. I pass my pal Miranda who I rode the bus over with. I hate passing my friends, esp when I know their goals and they're not having the best days. I shout out encouragement.
24 8:33 (8:26) From here you can see the ginormous Citgo sign, it's looming in the distance. And that distance...it is a hill. The last one.
25 8:51 (8:18) I hear someone scream my name, and I see Todd cheering like a madman. Thanks so much Todd, great boost for the last mile. And the famous words....left on Boylston. The crowd is huge and loud and crazy and holy crap there's the finish line will it not come soon enough.
26 8:50 (8:24) I think I hit my watch late for this split. I'm really moving as fast I can can to get under that huge banner.
.2 1:34
And scene.
Holy crap, I PRed and I BQed. By a lot. For both.
I am so happy. I feel actually pretty good. I waited to a few minutes to see if Nina was behind me but was hurried along (Nina finished in 3:44:29)
I have to say now a day out, I dont feel that bad. I certainly have felt worse. I think I felt worse after Steamtown.
I had an amazing weekend with friends old and new. I plan on going back next year and bring some friends along...you all know who you are!
Thanks to everyone who came up to Boston and who cheer from afar.


Corey said...

Congrats! You did awesome.

jaysummer4 said...

So happy for you!
Great report on a great race.

jvruns said...

Congratulations on a great race and the new PR! I remember you went through some ups and downs with injury early in this cycle, but you really persevered, and it sounds like you had a a really fun weekend, too.


TiredMamaRunning said...

Congratulations on a killer race, and it was really cool to meet you and the rest of the BQ babes!

Girl In Motion said...

Audra, what can I say? Congratulations again on such a well-run race, you deserved every second of it. And girl, I can't tell you what our friendship means to me but I think I don't have to, you know. Much love, fast girl, xxxflo

Paul said...

You keep on goin', girl!

Nat said...

Wow! Congrats! How awesome to run a PR at Boston!

runningmanz said...

I said it already but it deserves to be repeated, you are awesome! I'm really happy for you that you had such a great race on a fairly challenging course. Congrats!

BarbBQ said...

Yay, yay, yay, Audra. I'm so happy for you! What a well-executed run, with so many cherries on top: running so long with Nina, seeing friends on the course, PR'ing and BQ'ing. Nothing but sunshine and fluffy bunnies, from what I can tell.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in NYC in November!

Black Bear! said...

Wow. That is awesome! You are picking up PR's all over the place and on tough courses.

Nice injury recovery, too!

Ovens2Betsy said...

Awesome race Audra. So glad I finally got to meet you! I think I now need to get back to "real" training so I can come back to Beantown next year ;)

L.A. Runner said...

A PR, A BQ!!!! What could be better? I'm so happy for you! I've said this many times, but your quick recovery from the foot ordeal is really inspiring. I know a big part of that is your incredible dedication to the sport. WAY TO GO!!!!!!

Cris/Darkwave/Anarcha said...

I'm just echoing everyone else,but BQing again AT Boston is an achievement. What a nicely-run race!

tagskie said...

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greydawn said...

I love your race report and how the heck do you remember so many details and dang you are fast!!